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other roof protrustions sothat notiiing obstructs tiieflow ofair from eave to ridge. cold roof insulation between rafters wnapor barrier on warm side below ~orw~ sheatiiing,---_____ roofing-----, roofing-2 x 8 sleepers notched for vent & aligned wi rafters flashing over rooang-----~ fascia sheatiiing 2 x 4 sleepers aligned w/rafters provide

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Suspended Concrete Slab. Suspended concrete slab is referred to a cement slab that is not in contact with the ground. This type of concrete slab construction requires different concrete slab design from the one we normally see that is cast on the ground. The most common application of suspended slab in residential construction is used at garage floor where below the garage floor is a storage


1101.7 Roof design. The sump and pumping system shall comply with Section 1113.1. SECTION 1112 plastic, cast iron, concrete or other approved material, with a removable cover adequate to support anticipated loads in the area of use. The pit floor shall be solid and provide permanent support for the pump. 1113.1.3 Electrical.

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Access Manhole on Roof: 1: 38KB: WSD 3.6D: Stilling Well: 6: 203KB: WSD 3.7B: Rodding Pit for Under Floor Drains - General Arrangement (Depth not exceeding 6m) 5: 169KB: WSD 3.8C: Rodding Pit for Under Floor Drains - R.C. Details (Depth not exceeding 6m) 6: 187KB: WSD 3.9B: Rodding Pit for Under Floor Drains - General Arrangement (Depth between

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Sep 18, 2020 · #EverythingAboutConcrete #MikeDayConcrete #TheConcreteUndergroundIn this video we're pouring a concrete floor inside a basement. Instead of using a pump truc

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The completed root cellar took approximately 21 cubic yards of concrete, and two months to complete. I had to pay an extra pumping fee for the narrow walls because the barrel rig had to use a pump hose, but for the floor and roof they used a chute. To calculate how many cubic yards of concrete you'll need: multiply length in feet x width in


main roof truss purlin layout plan pump out water before placing concrete. 8. the foundations under the concrete base slab shall be compacted throughly and a minimum 200mm layer of course aggregate shall be placed over the compacted earth and sealed with 75mm thick layer of blinding concrete.

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Titanhi China Brand CE ISO OEM Tl2500 Four Wheel Drive 2.5cbm Slef-Loading Concrete Mixer, Find details about China 2.5cbm Self Loading Concrete Mixer, Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck from Titanhi China Brand CE ISO OEM Tl2500 Four Wheel Drive 2.5cbm Slef-Loading Concrete Mixer - Weihai Titan Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Aug 08, 2016 · Set to concrete-pumping-music hand-picked by me (or turn down the volume and provide your own music), this is a compilation of concrete pumping clips from Ⓗ

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Concrete slabs can develop voids from a variety of reasons, ranging from sliding soil beneath the slab displaced because of a lack of proper compression, to water erosion slowly washing away the soil over time. Voids can lead to a weakness in the slab, causing dips in the surface, tilting or cracks and breaks.

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Mar 24, 2015 · A slab is poured in the basement and work is underway to add two new dormers to the roof.

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Build a 6500-gallon concrete water tank for $1500. When I bought 10 dry barren "affordable" acres back in 1981 I got what I paid for: No electricity, no septic system, no well, and no water. What I did get was a long narrow rectangle carpeted with star thistle and poison …


Concrete 50+ 50+ Replace Living Area Walls 20 30 Replace (Paint 5-8yr) Local HVAC Electric fan coil 20 20 Electric heat/AC 15 15 Evap. condensor (swamp coole 20 20 Gas furnace, split DX AC 20 20 Heat pump w/suppl. electric 15 15 Heat pump, water source 20 20 Hydronic fan coil 30 30 Hydronic heat/electric AC 20 20 Range 15 20 Rangehood 10 15

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More contractors are turning to foam slab jacking instead of mud jacking to lift driveways, side walks, garage floors, and even airport runways. Powerful Graco foam slab jacking pumps easily fill all underfloor cavities with expanding polyurethane foam, whereas concrete slurry often fails to fill the voids. Resettling could, therefore, happen again.

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Mar 06, 2007 · The use of lightweight concrete as a roof decking and insulation system has expanded in the past five years. Increased usage can be attributed to the recent industry-wide insulation shortages and delamination deficiencies. The increase can also be attributed to the economic and environmental advantages that lightweight insulating concrete (LWIC) provides in roof assemblies.


Slump is a measure of concrete consistency or fluidity. Consistency is the ability of freshly mixed concrete to flow. For given proportions of cement and aggregates (without admixtures), the higher the slump, the wetter the mix. Four-inch (4") slump is very common with normal weight concrete and is a good average slump for pumping.

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Jan 17, 2006 · Pumping Concrete under Roof Southern Indiana Career and Technical Center, Evansville, Ind. By Concrete Construction Staff. In areas of the Southern Indiana Career and Technical Center site where the ceiling is a little lower, "it takes some serious patience and understanding of the boom's abilities." Edwards Concrete Construction

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Sep 10, 2021 · Concrete pumping is a widely used process in the construction industry and can be used for: Manufacturing pre-cast and tilt up concrete panels; concrete formwork; slab construction concrete paving concrete spraying; Concrete can be pumped in a variety of ways, including: line pumps, using trailer or truck-mounted pumps with flexible hoses

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AASHO Road Test Performance Surviving Sections Loop 3 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0 0 250 500 750 1000 1250 Serviceability Concrete (36 Sect) Asphalt (4 Sect) Loop 4 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0 0 250 500 750 1000 1250 Load Applications

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Suihe Hydraulic Skid Steer Concrete Mixer (Unused), Skid Steer Concrete Mixer Details: Bucket Capacity 0.3 m³, Feed Capacity 0.3m³, Maximum Discharge Capacity 0.3m ³, … Online Auction