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Concrete pump truck, damping device and method for concrete pump truck arm support CN102155443B (en) * Kefid: Kefid: : Alternating-current hydraulic pressure inversion control system and control method thereof CN102322497A (en) * Kefid: Kefid:

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3.1 WARNING! Crushing hazard. NEVER get between the pump and a mixer truck. Never let any-one else stand between the pump and a mixer truck. If more than one mixer truck is delivering to the pump hopper, make sure no one is trapped between the mixer trucks, or between the mixer truck and the concrete pump before you begin backing towards the pump.

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The M36 is the robust classic in our truck-mounted concrete pump family. Its four arms make it conveniently compact, eco- The fully electronic control system with integrated vibration damping enables the end hose EBC for vibration damping, one-handed Assistance device …

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The device for suppressing vibration of the boom of the concrete pump truck according to claim 11, wherein the control unit for the vibration suppression cylinder comprises a spring damping device, a spring damping controller, and a vibration suppression controller, the vibration suppression controller connected with the monitoring unit, and

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VIBRATION DAMPING DEVICE FOR RAILWAY VEHICLE: KR101190553B1: Kefid: WO2014193649A1: Kefid: For example, certain concrete pump trucks include a boom configured to support a passage through which concrete is pumped from a base of the concrete pump truck to a location at a construction site where the concrete is needed. Such booms concrete pump truck toy

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Learn more about the Liebherr truck mounted concrete pumps in our brochures. Truck mounted concrete pumps – convey concrete perfectly (PDF, 5.2 MB) Jobreport 50 M5 XXT (PDF, 2.7 MB) Stationary concrete pumps. Stationary concrete pumps in conjunction with concrete …

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Jan 01, 2011 · Proceedings of the 18th World Congress The International Federation of Automatic Control Milano (Italy) August 28 - September 2, 2011 Overview on the truck mounted concrete boom pump: a dynamic numerical model for active control logic definition G. Cazzulani1,a, C. Ghielmetti1,b, H. Giberti1,c, F. Resta1,d, F. Ripamonti1,e 1 Mechanical Engineering Department, Politecnico di Milano, …

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Operating and maintaining a concrete pump requires a serious commitment to safety and a clear If you must drive a truck, remember the principal causes of truck accidents: • Following too closely tronic devices before welding.

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May 02, 2013 · Section 1926.702(e)(1) (Concrete pumping systems) requires that "Concrete pumping systems using discharge pipes shall be provided with pipe supports designed for 100 percent overload." Many other OSHA standards impose additional requirements for safely using concrete boom pump trucks to place concrete in construction, including the following

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Tailored to concrete pump truck, the electronic control system has a number of advantages, including excellent performance, clear objective, strong applicability, high reliability and so on. An Excellent Performance and GPS device. With these products and PLUS+1 control

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Apr 01, 2017 · The control device forms the central component of the Ergonic 2.0® system by Putzmeister, which is responsible for the monitoring and control of the truck-mounted concrete pump. Ergonic 2.0® system. Ergonic 2.0® is the latest microprocessor-supported system for the control of concrete pumps and booms by Putzmeister.

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5.1 Truck engine does not start _____29 5.2 Pump unit does not start (without hydraulic pressure) _____29 The concrete pump works as follows: The tilting cylinders are in pos. S13. During the pumping the Safety devices may not be altered resp. removed and are to be used in a correct manner.

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Concrete pump truck has the advantages of flexibility, high efficiency, and good pouring quality, so it plays an important role in infrastructure construction and national economic development. Boom system is the key part of concrete pump truck, and its work is to transport concrete to the pouring position.

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hydraulic device. Finally flexible boom and pump vibration suppression and control are researched[4-5]. Among the above experts, different boom and model influence to the system are not studied. So in the first part of this paper a Irigid model of a truck mounted concrete pump …

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The powerful pump units Maximum pump output – Smooth running The hopper geometry and the size of the suction openings ensure maximum pump output with an outstanding degree of efficiency. The double end-of-stroke damping of the S-pipe changeover cylinder facilitates a particularly smooth and quiet operation. Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps

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II. THE TRUCK MOUNTED PUMP Concrete boom pumps are complex dynamic systems with a variable number of segments linked together by kinematic joints and moved by hydraulic actuators. In this way the end-activator, i.e. the boom tip housing the device for placing the concrete, may be very far from the pump or in very high place (Figure 1).

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Truck-mounted concrete pump SY37 RZ5-150 Note: Standard version. Dimensions and weights depend on truck, pump model and equipment. For illustration only. Technical data Boom Folding system 5-arm RZ Vertical reach 36.5 m Horizontal reach 31.8 m Reach depth 20.8 m Unfolding height 7.5 m End hose length 3 m Support Outrigger spread front 6.1 m KAIDIWEI 1:55 Concrete Pump Truck Diecast Car

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Jan 01, 2017 · 3. Truck Mounted Concrete Pump Boom Modeling by Virtual Prototyping Technology The established 3D model of a truck mounted concrete pump boom is shown in Figure 3. The system is built up by 4 booms, several links, hydraulic actuators, joints, and other components.